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Atomiq Features

Search Your Code for Duplications

Simply choose a directory and Atomiq will analyze all of the files in your project. You can analyze C#, VB.Net, ASPX, Ruby, Python, Java, C, C++, ActionScript, and XAML files. Additionally, you can use regular expressions to filter out files you do not wish to search like .Designer.cs files.

Get Instant Feedback on Analysis Results

Find out how many lines of code, code blocks, and files in your project that contain duplicated code immediately after analysis.
Instant Feedback

Quick Similarity Statistics

Obtain statistics on any file in your project instantly.
Similarity Statistics

Easy Navigation to Points of Duplication

Atomiq provides many means of navigating to the repetitive portions of your code files. Simply click on files from the File view or the files in the similarities table.
File Navigation Similarity Navigation

Visual Cues Determine Locations of Duplicate Code

You will find small vertical lines alongside files with duplications. Red lines indicate repetitions in the same file while blue lines indicate repetitions across multiple files.
Red and Blue Lines

The Wheel View Shows the Big Picture

The wheel view diagrams the repetitions and how they relate to each other in your code.


Immediately Open Files for Editing

Any file you are examining sports an Open button, which allows for instant access to your code in your IDE of choice.

Open Buttons