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Atomiq - Code Similarity Finder

Atomiq main screen Atomiq Code Similarity Finder is a tool for developers to find and eliminate duplicate code. It is designed for .NET developers, but works equally well for developers of other languages and even web designers!

Atomiq works with a wide variety of source code:

We currently support C#, VB.Net, ASPX, Ruby, Python, Java, C, C++, ActionScript, and XAML, with more extensions on the way soon. It is the perfect companion tool for someone who updates their code infrequently and can't possibly remember everything in it or for a team of 2 or more developers working on the same project that don't know everything in it since they didn't write it all themselves.

Eliminate similar code

(and the banging your head against the wall that comes with it)

Atomiq doesn't just find exact matches, it finds similar code. It ignores "fluff" like whitespace, string content, curly braces, comments and using/import statements so you can find the duplicate code that causes problems. In VB.NET, it will also ignore lines that contain only "Next", "End While", "End Try", "End If", "End Property", "End Get" and "End Set".

Maintaining your code will be a breeze

The beauty of a tool like this is once you've found the expensive remnants of copy and pasted code, it's easy to refactor your code. You'll literally save thousands of dollars and coutless hours of frustration from tracking down bugs and maintaining your code.

Atomiq is now cost and registration free! Kill duplicate code - Download Atomiq now

Use Atomiq to analyze your projects in minutes.

Visualize code duplication in a project using the Atomiq wheel.

Search for and remove code duplication in two different files using Atomiq.

Find and remove code duplication in two different files using the Atomiq Developer Edition.

Atomiq can be used to compare different projects. This video compares some good and not-so-good open source projects.